Natural Dentures

Do your dentures shift and drop? Does your bottom denture float and lift? Are you tired of constant adjustments and never feeling like they're your own teeth!? Would you like a denture that never drops , and never floats ? Neuromuscular designed dentures are the best-fitting, most natural-looking dentures on earth.

The reason typical dentures give so many people so many problems is that the dentures are made without knowing exactly where best muscle tone, joint position, and esthetic position would be. Remember, "If you can't measure it, it's just an opinion." We use computer technology to know precisely how the most natural, snug fitting, comfortable, and esthetic denture should be made to provide a custom fit for you! We relax your musculature to its optimum esthetic and functional position, make extremely accurate impressions, and take multiple steps to ensure your approval and excellence before final processing.

restorative dentures integrate form, function, and aesthetics for truly amazing results.

restorative dentures are still removable, and are cared-for and cleansed just like your typical denture . The only difference is, these dentures fit so well, no one will know you have one...even you'll forget!

See photos below of an actual patient with her old denture versus her new restorative denture . You can see the relaxed repositioned profile that gets rid of ther accentuated chin, collapsed face, and gives her a more natural looking smile and profile. Best of all, her new dentures fit so well, she's never been in for a single adjustment! In some cases, dentures can also be snap-attached so that they don't move at all with stitchless, flapless, computer-guided dental implants for optimum comfort and function.

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